Meet Celine Broomhead, System Engineering Team
System Engineer with a sales enablement focus
Katy DeWitt-Drew, Head of People
I found out about Ambient through James Connor. I knew that he was working at a company focused on computer vision for physical security, and this is a technology I am very excited about.

 I had actually applied at a couple of years ago but they weren’t quite ready to hire a go-to-market team, so I just kept in touch and eventually opened up and it was a great fit for me.


If someone asked you about today, what would you tell them about the interesting things that you do here?

I’ve been in physical security for about a decade working for other software vendors. I worked for companies selling server/storage solutions, IoT security, and cloud-based security systems. I feel really passionate about the potential computer vision has, because it really offers the opportunity for security departments to leverage their camera data which has historically been an untapped resource for organizations. Computer vision can transform security departments into video intelligence departments, and that’s what is really exciting about Ambient. 


What are you excited about that you’re currently working on?

I love being customer-facing and talking to customers every day about their problems. I get energized talking about new use cases that Ambient could solve for them. In the end, I’m helping them do their jobs faster or more efficiently, ultimately proposing to change how they spend their life.

I also love our customer base whose mission is to create safer environments for their employees and for their own customers. It’s really exciting to work with people whose mission is to literally save lives or protect people when they’re in need, and I think that’s really meaningful.


What’s the best lesson from your past work life that’s informed your work at

I think I have a lot of industry experience which is really helpful when relating to the problems our customers face. I also have always worked for technology companies, so adapting and challenging yourself to do new things is a mindset that you have to be comfortable with. In some ways, I try to share that way of thinking with customers who really want to change their lives striving to do things differently.


Looking ahead, what are you most excited about for the future at

I’m really excited about being a platform that our customers can’t do their jobs without. I think there’s a huge potential for Ambient to be that platform and to lift security organizations out of solely being a cost center, to being a source of intelligence for other departments. I think that’s really exciting.


What is your favorite ambient core value and why?

My favorite is ‘create magical customer experiences.’ Customers are the most important asset to a company and everything we do should be for them. I’m particularly passionate about this, and I believe in going above and beyond for the customer.


What’s your favorite part of our culture? You’ve been here for a couple of years, enough time to have seen it evolve.

Everybody’s really hardworking and everybody truly is really good at what they do. That was one of the aspects that drew me here and I feel like it’s rubbed off on me in a positive way.


When you’re not working, what do you love to do?

I like sports. I definitely try to incorporate that every day. I go to the gym whether that’s weightlifting or yoga or on the weekends I go on a walk or skiing or hiking. It’s pretty important for me to get outdoors, and living in California it would be borderline criminal to not take advantage of my surroundings. I also like to drink beer, I’m not a high-level aficionado but I enjoy discovering new beers and breweries. Yeah, it’s not great for the waistline so that’s why I have the sports to balance it out.

I also like to travel and experience new things. Pre-pandemic, I used to go to at least one new country every year to see new sights. I’ve been to a total 24 countries and hope to keep growing that list soon.

Katy DeWitt-Drew, Head of People