Gun Detection & Active Shooter Prevention System

24/7 security threat monitoring detects both firearms and early warning signs to proactively prevent active shooter incidents from escalating.

Get a live demo and see how prevents even the most complex security threats.

Gun Detection & Active Shooter Prevention

24/7 security threat monitoring detects both early warning signs and firearms to proactively prevent active shooter incidents from escalating.

Get a live demo and see how prevents even the most complex security threats.


Active shooter response demands more than gun detection

Active shooter incidents require immediate action; every second counts once a weapon is drawn. But by the time security personnel identify a gun, it may already be too late to effectively intervene.

Gun detection alone isn’t a comprehensive solution to active shootings. To mitigate these high-severity threats, security teams must detect their early warning signs well before a firearm is found or shots are fired. Otherwise, they risk losing critical time in their response and are forced to react only after the incident escalates.

THE SOLUTION’s AI-powered gun detection technology protects the lives of communities and stops threats from escalating into mass shootings.

The system detects weapons and early indicators of active shooter incidents, offering a comprehensive and proactive approach to gun violence prevention.

Advanced AI gun detection

Leveraging your existing security camera infrastructure, accurately detects a person brandishing a firearm or knife.

Receive alerts for verified threats within seconds to automatically connect with guards, operators, and law enforcement. Identify weapons in a crowd, partially concealed, and at a distance with the threat detection system’s high precision.

Detection of early warning signs continually monitors for and detects hard-to-spot behaviors that can be precursors for active shootings, including sudden egress, tailgating, perimeter breaches, and more.

Empower your security team with this critical advantage to intervene before a gun is spotted and prevent escalation.

Real-time alerting of threats

Instantly receive a visual, contextualized alert from when the system detects a threat, and get continual alerts as the active shooter incident evolves.

Automatically send alerts with video surveillance clips to responders and address incidents 10x faster.

Rapid post-incident investigation

Conduct video investigations 20x faster with’s forensics to quickly retrieve and share important information with personnel.

Retrace the event to identify weaknesses in the perimeter or policies that can help prevent future incidents.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations

From educational institutions to tech giants, security leaders use to safeguard their communities from gun violence and prevent incidents before they happen.

From reactive to proactive security

Request a live demo and see how’s computer vision intelligence moves physical security teams from reactive to proactive operations:

  • 24/7 automated threat detection
  • 90%+ reduction in access control alarms
  • 20x faster forensic investigations

Automatically detect 150+ threats in real-time Threat Detection & Response continuously mines your surveillance feeds to detect security threats and pre-incident indicators. With, security teams can focus on responding to and preventing security incidents before they escalate.

High severity threats are serious and often result in physical harm, including a person brandishing a firearm or knife.

Perimeter control encompasses security threats that occur at the perimeter, including fence jumping and a vehicle in an unauthorized area.

Unauthorized access includes threats that PACS alone won't detect, such as tailgating and a person entering through a propped door.

Health and safety threats endanger employees, students, and customers, like a person falling down or a large crowd forming.

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