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The computing devices of the future must understand the physical world with superhuman capability. High-quality perception is the first and the most important step to realizing real-world AI applications. We're solving general visual intelligence to enable that future.

A world with Ambient Visual Intelligence

Ambient's Native Video Deep Learning ™ technology processes videos natively (as opposed to frames) to achieve high-fidelity semantic parsing. Our novel model architecture solves multiple vision tasks concurrently for holistic scene understanding.


We are a small team of Stanford graduates and software engineers with extensive research experience in imaging, neuroscience, deep learning and artificial intelligence. We've previously built mission-critical products and infrastructure at companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Dropbox. We're on a mission to advance the state-of-the-art in Vision AI.

We are looking for exceptional engineers to join our engineering team. If you share our passion for solving challenging problems and shaping the future, contact us at careers@ambient.ai

We are backed by visionary investors, including Y Combinator, SV Angel, Stanford StartX and other prominent angels and venture funds.

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