lines Raises $20M Strategic Growth Investment from Allegion Ventures
With this strategic investment, accelerates its mission to prevent every security incident possible.

San Jose, CA (Oct 30th) –, the AI-powered computer vision intelligence (CVI) company transforming the physical security industry, today announced a $20 million strategic growth investment from Allegion Ventures, the corporate venture fund of Allegion plc. This is the largest individual check that Allegion Ventures has ever written, elevating’s total funding to over $72 million to date.

With this strategic investment from Allegion, resulting in a strong up round, accelerates its mission to prevent every security incident possible by helping more organizations address their biggest physical security challenges. This partnership paves the way for even broader adoption of AI in security, and a future where functions as the essential AI-powered platform, driving proactive and automated security operations for all organizations.

This funding announcement builds upon’s remarkable 4X+ top-line and customer growth since launching out of stealth in 2022. The company has reached these milestones while prioritizing capital efficiency and sustainable growth, making this an opportunistic fundraise. Looking ahead, is dedicated to expanding its partner ecosystem and integrations with other security products, along with further investing in research and development, to enable more organizations to effortlessly harness the full potential of AI.

“As we kickstart this transformative partnership with Allegion, we’re propelled by our vision of a powerful AI platform, built on seamless integrations with leading security technologies,” said Shikhar Shrestha, CEO and co-founder of “Allegion’s best-in-class products bring exciting possibilities to the table as we continue to deliver compelling solutions to prevent even the most complex security incidents.”

Allegion President and CEO John H. Stone said aligns with Allegion’s focus on using innovative technology to enable seamless access and a safer world. 

“This is the largest and most significant investment in the history of Allegion Ventures, reflecting the tremendous potential we see for future collaboration between and Allegion,” said Stone. “Allegion’s connected hardware manages access and entry points, while Ambient’s platform provides contextual understanding to dramatically reduce false alarms in access control systems and vastly improve threat detection and response.”

“We are thrilled to work with Shikhar and Vikesh are trailblazers in CVI and truly understand how technology can advance threat detection as well as safe access, people movement, and data analytics,” said Rob Martens, President of Allegion Ventures. “They’re moving video surveillance from a reactive to a proactive resource, meeting evolving customer needs in physical security.”

Trusted by large enterprises within tech, energy, manufacturing, and more — including innovative organizations like Adobe, VMware, and Impossible Foods — secures people, property, and assets from the most harrowing physical security threats.

The company has previously raised $52 million in venture funding across Series A and Series B rounds led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and is also backed by SV Angel and Y Combinator. has received funding from visionary enterprise technologists, including Jyoti Bansal (Founder/CEO of Appdynamics), George Kurtz (Founder/CEO of Crowdstrike), Frederic Kerrest (Founder/COO of OKTA), Mark Leslie (ex-CEO of Veritas), and several others that are committed to the transformative power of AI in physical security.

Physical security is plagued by a central problem: organizations have too much to monitor across divergent, non-intuitive systems. Human limitations and disparate point solutions mean that accidents, break-ins, assaults, and other incidents are often identified and investigated only after they have occurred. changes the stakes by placing an open-platform, AI-powered brain at the center of the physical security apparatus, enabling continuous, unbroken monitoring of sites and the analysis of signals generated from various security solutions. has pioneered the use of AI-powered CVI within the physical security space. AI-powered CVI goes far beyond the capabilities of motion and deep learning video analytics. Layered onto existing camera hardware, the platform applies CVI with near human-level perception to detect threats across cameras and manage access control systems and other security endpoints in real-time, run intuitive forensic searches, provide immediate mobile dispatching, and uncover critical security performance data. The result is the ability to monitor 100% of cameras 24/7, reduce false access control alarms by 95%+, speed up forensic investigations 20x, and access 100s of actionable insights that can help improve your security posture. 

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Founded in 2017 by CEO Shikhar Shrestha and CTO Vikesh Khanna, is a unified, AI-powered physical security platform that helps enterprise organizations reduce risk, improve security operation efficiency, and gain critical insights. Seven of the top 10 U.S. technology companies, along with multiple Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of industries, leverage to unify their security infrastructure and significantly enhance their security posture. For more information please visit 

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Allegion Ventures is the corporate venture fund of Allegion. It invests in and accelerates the growth of companies with innovative technology or software that bridge physical and digital security and create seamless user experiences. For more information, please visit