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Setting new security standards

For this US-based manufacturing company, boasting locations from Washington to Florida, a host of ambitious company-wide initiatives loomed on the horizon. In turn, security remained crucial for the success of present operations and future ventures.

Though, with 165K+ acres across their vast sites, ensuring complete site coverage and fast response times was no small task. This organization sought a solution that would uplevel their visibility into threats and improve their dispatching and response capabilities for the well-being of their community. 

Their search for a solution led them to, whose AI-powered threat detection and accelerated response times delivered exactly what they needed.

Manufacturing company leverages

Detection: Unauthorized person in restricted area

At one of the company’s many secure facilities,’s state-of-the-art surveillance system promptly detected an individual in a restricted area. alerted the security operations team within seconds, enabling them to quickly dispatch a security guard to investigate. Upon arrival, the guard found the person unresponsive.

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Without hesitation, the responder initiated cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and sustained chest compressions for five minutes until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived. EMS transported the individual to the local hospital, where medical professionals provided the necessary care and treatment.

The outcome was nothing short of miraculous. The individual’s survival in the face of a medical emergency was made possible by’s early detection capabilities and the security team’s swift response.

Shown here, the partnership between cutting-edge technology and a skilled security team is integral to safeguarding the well-being of personnel.

Detection: Person’s presence

In another incident, once again showcased the vital role that advanced threat detection plays in aiding the community. During hours when no personnel were anticipated in specific areas of the premises, detected an individual’s presence.

Recognizing the potential security risk, the company’s security team immediately dispatched a rover to assess the situation. Upon arrival, the rover found the individual in a distressed state, indicating a possible medical emergency.

Understanding the urgency, the team quickly called for an emergency response and administered initial medical aid., a force multiplier for manufacturing security teams

Responders soon determined that the individual had suffered an overdose. Thanks to the rapid and coordinated efforts of the security team and the emergency medical personnel, the individual was promptly transported to the hospital, where they received the necessary treatment and care. 

Fortunately, this incident averted tragedy and the individual recovered.

Vigilant security with a real-world impact

These two incidents serve as shining examples of the organization’s unwavering commitment to safety and security, extending not only to their property and staff but also to the broader community. ushered in new capabilities for early detection of critical situations, empowering the security team to gain visibility across their vast facilities and respond to real incidents with unparalleled speed and effectiveness.

In fact, with Ambient’s ability to distinguish genuine incidents from normal activity and surface only legitimate threats to the security team, this company achieved a 96% reduction in total dispatches.

The individuals from the two scenarios owed their lives to the powerful synergy of AI-driven technology and the rapid response of the organization’s security personnel.

The company’s dedication to training staff in essential skills such as first aid and CPR, coupled with their devotion to aiding the most vulnerable community members, is truly commendable.

Through investing in cutting-edge security solutions, our customers maintain leadership in their corresponding verticals while setting the bar for safety and security across industries.

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