WATCH: Challenges of Active Shooter Mitigation
Watch for an overview of the challenges that come with mitigating active shooter incidents and gun detection.


The reality of active shooter incidents:

  • These events happen rapidly; 70% of active shootings last five minutes or less
  • Over half of active shooter events end before law enforcement arrives
  • Early warning signs — the perpetrator climbing a fence, forcing a door open, etc. — are overlooked
  • The perpetrator’s firearm often isn’t detected until it’s too late
  • Critical context on the situation is missed amid the chaos
  • Situational awareness among security personnel and law enforcement is limited

Amid these challenges, AI-powered physical security emerges as a vital solution.’s gun detection, combined with the platform’s ability to identify early warning signs of shootings, empowers security teams with a comprehensive approach to rapidly addressing these tragic events, safeguarding communities, and preventing threats from evolving into crises.

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