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Lean operations

SentinelOne is a rapidly growing cybersecurity company. With a small physical security team and offices spanning from Eugene to Dubai, running lean is the goal. Adopting robust technology is key to success as the team scales their infrastructure and uplevels their security.

Given SentinelOne’s converged GSOC, which monitors cyber and physical security threats, they sought a solution that could also easily integrate into their existing cyber infrastructure.

On top of this, SentinelOne aimed to avoid a common fate among security teams: pursuing 24/7 site coverage by increasing cameras and headcount, generating more information to consume and resulting in cognitive overload.

They wanted full coverage and alerts on significant events without additional investments and added noise. To make this a reality, an AI-powered platform was exactly what they were missing — and they found it in

SentinelOne using for improve physical security posture

Full site awareness

Since seamlessly integrating into their infrastructure, SentinelOne has used the platform’s 24/7 threat monitoring to gain full visibility into their sites. With AI as a reliable safety net, the team is confident that no incidents will go undetected.

Plus, with’s smooth context sharing and cross-communication, it’s never been easier to send the most essential information on emerging incidents to a site’s workplace manager.

Most notably,’s forensics capabilities proved particularly invaluable for boosting the team’s site awareness. They can now swiftly filter through historical footage using keyword-based search criteria, such as a person wearing a red shirt, to investigate incidents with striking efficiency.

SentinelOne using for improve physical security posture

Rapid investigations

In this instance,’s forensics played a pivotal role in expediting the security team’s incident resolution. At one of SentinelOne’s sites, an individual attempted entry using a deactivated badge. The profile photo on the badge didn’t resemble their current appearance.

Backpack Search for Forensics

Before, verifying this person’s identity would’ve entailed a tedious process. Now, the team could employ the forensics tool to quickly pinpoint the person in historical footage using keyword-based descriptors of the person’s attire.

From there, the team connected with the designated workplace manager and confirmed that the individual was an employee with an old badge.

SentinelOne using for full site visibility

What would’ve taken an hour without AI was resolved in mere minutes. By pairing AI with investigations, they gained unrivaled visibility into site activities and the capabilities to take prompt, effective action when needed.

Physical security transformed

The future is bright at SentinelOne. With’s 24/7 monitoring, real-time alerting, and fast forensics, the security team has united into a lean, efficient force.

They’re now empowered by AI-driven data to optimize security measures, proactively address vulnerabilities, and elevate the security posture across their global sites. 

While the platform’s full site coverage and rapid forensics have yielded considerable time savings, the benefits extend well beyond efficiency gains. With AI working around the clock, the team can also budget effectively and eliminate unnecessary headcount expenditures.

SentinelOne using for better security.

As the team scales their infrastructure alongside SentinelOne’s rapid growth, they anticipate exciting developments on the horizon. Given’s lightweight infrastructure, able to retrofit into the existing security environment, the security team is looking at deploying the platform across their coworking spaces. 

With by their side, the team stands poised to expand the breadth of their coverage and usher in new standards for security throughout their organization.


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