Employee Spotlight: Meet Akhila Indukur
Get to know one of the Ambiengers helping us prevent every security incident possible. wouldn’t be — well, — without our fearless Ambiengers. All of our team members play a special role in our mission to prevent every security incident possible. So cheers to our team, and cheers to the star of this employee spotlight: Akhila Indukur!

Akhila is a Software Engineer on our Engineering team. Learn more about Akhila and her Ambient journey below. Employee Spotlight, Akhila

How did you find

I got a mail from a recruiter about coming to India and looked up the company. As a first impression, the critical problems Ambient is trying to solve got me interested further to learn more about the company.

Why did you join

While the domain itself is a necessity of the hour, starting from interviews, I could sense a shared enthusiasm about their work in all the employees, be it the people team, engineers, or executives. This was the first good sign, and quite evidently, that also results in efficiency and thereby the great product that we have today.

If someone asked you about, what would you tell them about the interesting things you do here? What are you excited about that you’re currently working on?

I have always only worked on customer-facing features until I joined Ambient within a contained environment with laid-out requirements. While that in itself is interesting, my recent projects at Ambient provide a more abstract space that requires scoping out requirements by myself. This brings up new challenges and increases the breadth of my expertise.

What’s the best lesson from your past work life that’s informed your work at

While it is good to want to work individually without creating too many dependencies on your team, it is also quite important to ask for support when it’s needed to move fast in a startup environment. While one lets you grow your personal skillsets, the other sets the right path for it. Thanks to my ever-supportive teammates, I get the support I request and I can see myself evolving as an engineer.

Looking ahead, what are you most excited about for Ambient’s future?

Super excited about the growth that Ambient has had this year and excited to see Ambient hit more milestones, not just in terms of economic growth, but also in the number of use cases we solve for the customer.

What’s your favorite core value and why?

Magical Customer Experience. This is one value that stands out in every employee at Ambient from day one, and kudos to the culture that helps us carry it throughout, be it CSM to the new customers onboarding or the existing ones, the customer-first mindset in engineers and designers, or the hiring team to the prospective candidates.

What’s your favorite part of our culture?

Among other things, the team mindset is quite strong in the entire company, where everyone comes together at a time of necessity. Also, the flexibility that Ambient offers to plan my work day as long as the work is done keeps me motivated to give it my best shot and keep up the trust the company holds in me. 

When you’re not working, what do you love to do?

When I am not working, I love to travel, go on walks or hikes, cook, paint, and play badminton, among other things.


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