Global Software Enterprise Gains Remarkable Operational Efficiency with Data-Driven Security
Deeper insights, optimized operations.
A physical security team referencing alert data


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Tasked with safeguarding $31 billion worth of physical assets

A need to optimize existing security measures and workflows

Limited visibility into alerts to inform security procedures


Differentiate genuine incidents from alerts for situational awareness via Ambient’s Alert Resolution Reasons

Visibility into incident volume for improved operational efficiency & resource planning

Dramatically reduced incidents by improving security measures with Ambient’s insights


Limited visibility into data

When it came to safeguarding their $31 billion worth of physical assets, this prominent software enterprise knew that they needed airtight physical security. Most importantly, they couldn’t let their security practitioners fly blind with limited data to inform their procedures.

They wanted to strengthen their security posture with greater visibility into alerts. By leveraging valuable data to accurately identify real incidents, they could proactively implement changes that would optimize their security measures.’s data on alert resolutions’s Alert Resolution Reasons feature played a key role in improving this enterprise’s security operations with crucial data on alerts.

Ambient's alert resolution reasons feature

The feature allows security operators to choose from predefined categories and add contextual notes before resolving alerts. This way, security teams can accurately differentiate genuine incidents from alerts meant for situational awareness.

By determining the volume of actual security incidents, teams can better understand risks to conduct smarter resource planning and implement targeted security measures.

Deeper insights, greater operational efficiency

After implementing this feature into their operators’ workflow, this company made a pivotal discovery. They found that security incidents tended to concentrate in specific areas of their campus, corresponding to an increase in employee attendance.

Armed with this insight, they optimized security measures in these locations, leading to a remarkable reduction in security incidents and an overall enhancement of their security posture. This data-driven solution propelled them to achieve unprecedented operational efficiency while protecting their assets.

Plus, beyond the feature’s three default alert resolution categories, their team identified and added six of their own to produce even more granular data.

Through proactive measures and insightful data utilization, they continue to elevate their security posture and minimize risk in an ever-changing landscape.


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