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Fortune 500 Company Revamps Security Posture with Proactive Alerts
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Video surveillance for proactive physical security
California, USA

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Overwhelming volume of nuisance alarms

Limited visibility into the details of resolved alerts

Reactive security posture with no insights to action on


95% resolution alert rate in under 5 minutes with

Added resolution reasons to 92% of alerts to gain valuable insights into activities

⬡ Leverage insights to assess vulnerabilities and optimize security measures

Limited visibility into alerts

A prominent Fortune 500 company headquartered in the Bay Area was struggling to address persistent nuisance alarms within their Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), where they monitor their global campus sites.

After resolution, alerts were archived along with their pertinent details and context, as reviewing a high volume of alerts is not feasible. Due to the lack of visibility into resolved alerts, it was impossible to provide meaningful actionable insights.

Security teams are hindered without data

This company was facing challenges in analyzing incidents and improving security measures globally. In response, they turned to cross-functional collaboration with Global Security Operations.

Despite investing significant time in analyzing numerous alerts, progress was hindered due to lack of: proper categorization, identification of outcomes, and resolutions. Without meaningful data, teams were unable to take action and often resorted to a reactive security posture.

Ambient powers 92% alert resolution with insights

Through partnership with Ambient and their advanced Computer Vision Intelligence platform, this company can now detect and respond to alerts in real time, with a staggering 95% resolution rate in under 5 minutes.

Alert feed of threats and security incidents

Moreover, they added resolution reasons to 92% of alerts, and gained valuable insights into patterns of activity across their numerous sites. These insights enabled the security management team to assess the effectiveness of existing security measures and identify vulnerabilities that previously went unnoticed.

As a result, they have been able to reduce assumable risk, which was previously thought to be insurmountable.

Incorporating Ambient leads to a 32% reduction in tailgating

The transparent and collaborative effort across departments sparked the revision of outdated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), now integrating Ambient and its features to mitigate risks such as tailgating and open doors.

Within a span of two quarters, these additional insights enabled a 32% decrease in tailgating incidents. Ambient makes it possible for other organizations to tackle this universal problem.


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