E-Commerce Giant Achieves 100% Alert Resolution Rate in Minutes
Enabling fast, proactive security.
Physical security team responding to alerts


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Delayed triaging process from operator to guard to resolution

Allocating scarce guard personnel to cover large sites

Little site visibility into emerging threats


AI-powered alarm management for a 100% resolution rate within 5 minutes

Insights into pertinent behaviors and alert hotspots to inform resource allocation

⬡ Visibility into unnoticed vulnerabilities and opportunities to further reduce risk


Lack of insights for proactive security

In the heart of the Bay Area, this prominent Fortune 500 e-commerce company faced a formidable challenge: identifying areas of greatest risk to proactively allocate resources and efficiently respond to security incidents.

It simply wasn’t feasible to cover each entrance and area of interest with a guard. Yet with little visibility into hotspots of concerning behaviors, it became increasingly challenging for the security team to make informed decisions on guard deployment.

To make matters worse, dated workflows, an overwhelming volume of alerts, and limited insights delayed the triaging process from an operator to a guard to a resolution.

Across the globe, security teams encounter similar struggles in allocating scarce guard personnel to cover large sites, all while balancing the need for high safety standards. Guards can’t be everywhere at all times; constant dispatches to attend to other incidents take priority, leaving potential gaps in security coverage.

Ambient.ai improves physical security for e-commerce company

Ambient transforms site intelligence

Harnessing Ambient.ai’s cutting-edge computer vision intelligence platform to respond to alerts in real-time, this global enterprise achieved an astounding 100% resolution rate within a remarkable 5-minute timeframe.

Ambient alert feed

The security team gleaned invaluable insights into pertinent behaviors and identified alert hotspots within their domain. With these insights in hand, they skillfully optimized their guard patrol routes, achieving the smart resource allocation required for a fast, efficient approach to alerts.

Through a meticulous analysis of each site, the security team discerned the most prevalent behaviors exhibited, alongside the specific locations where these alert-worthy incidents unfold. These insights were parsed based on shifts and frequency to unveil critical information.

Reducing risk with airtight security standards

With efficiency as their guiding principle, the team has revolutionized their workflows, accomplishing more with streamlined processes and actionable insights.

Better yet, with a newfound ability to scrutinize the efficacy of their existing security measures, the security management team successfully unveiled other unnoticed vulnerabilities. As a result, they fearlessly addressed and reduced risks that were once considered formidable, ushering in a new standard for safety and security.



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